My Generation

This topic has been bothering me for a very long time so I thought I’d address it today. The class level of my generation is going downhill. At college, I am surrounded by people covered in tattoos, piercings, smoking and cursing all the time. What made this acceptable? What made it okay for guys to walk around with their pants falling down? Why do girls feel the need to have clothing that shows off every inch of their body? It makes me sad to think that our generation seems to have lost the respect we have towards one another and ourselves.

I look back at the pictures of people from past generations when they were my age (18). Everything was so clean-cut. The women always wore dresses that weren’t revealing and they looked so beautiful. The men wore nicely fitting suits and polished shoes. I don’t know or understand what has happened to make that turn around into what we have now.

I hope some day I can marry a man who has the same viewpoint as me. I get sad sometimes because I feel like he doesn’t exist, all I see are these guys who treat girls like trash.

But, I have hope! I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends who have respect for themselves as well as respect for me. I think that is very important. We don’t party or curse or smoke. We play Apples to Apples and make music videos and go out to eat together. It’s the innocent fun which gives me hope for our generation.

Here’s to a classier world someday!



4 thoughts on “My Generation

  1. This is so true and so sad to see how almost “downhill” our generation is going. I see it all the time, I hear the way people talk, and it’s ashame. We were recently talking in our house when my brother was home, and he was saying how he’s embarassed by the generation he lives in. I, of course, agreed. I really hope one day that we have more people like you that can see what it has come to! It makes me that more excited to be out of college (although I don’t want to rush it, as I really do enjoy it), so I don’t have to be around them this often.

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