New York City

Hello there!

I am currently on a train back to Philadelphia. I had lovely day in New York City. I went with a few members of my family for a day trip!

We skated in Rockefeller center (we made reservations before so we had no wait, I definitely recommend doing that!) and I even saw a proposal! Being the hopeless romantic that I am, it brought tears to my eyes seeing the happy couple. It was a beautiful moment.

After Rockefeller, we went out to an early dinner to a place called Maloney & Parcelli. I had a Caesar salad, chicken Parmesan and a plum and apple tart for dessert. It was absolutely delicious and I am so glad I walked so much today to burn it off. 😉

We saw St. Patrick’s cathedral (so beautiful, I always love to go inside there) and we went to the NYC public library on 42nd street. It was decorated beautifully for Christmas and the molding and paintings on the ceilings took my breath away.

It was a quick trip but a great time! This was 2012’s “Cousins in the City” trip. I wonder where we will find ourselves in 2013??

I hope you all are having a lovely evening. My train should be arriving in Philadelphia within the hour!







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