Today was my first day off for Christmas break from college. I have five weeks off, wow!

Today was a lazy type of day. I slept in, worked out, and then spent the rest of the afternoon baking.

I first made oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. Going with the classics.

Afterwards, I made Mincemeat bite-sized pies. The aroma coming from the kitchen is fantastic. To make these bite-sized pies, roll out regular dough you’d use to make a pie. I took the top of a jar and make circles to fill in the dips of a cupcake pan. I filled in each dip with a layer of dough then put a Mincemeat mixture in it. To finish it off, put a thin piece of dough to cover it. Cutting a tiny slash in the top will let some of the heat out and help give it the pie look!

If anyone has any cool recipes to try, let me know!







One thought on “Baking

  1. I can almost smell the mincemeat from here! Are we looking at the next Top Chef? I would have expected maybe sugar cookies in the shape of little American flags, my patriotic friend!

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