In a rut.. get me out!

I hate being in a rut. It drives me nuts. I am the type of person that wishes I could make every single day extremely productive: wake up early, do yoga, make a green smoothie, make my bed, and so on. But, is that even possible? Is that form of life really feasible?

There is this one couple that I follow on social media, who seem to live the perfect life. They are both in great shape, live in London (my favorite city), dress pristinely, eat all health foods, travel the world, and never seem to get into arguments. They even have their own companies, so they work their own hours and get to wake up every single day to pursue their dreams.

I am really happy for them; they are literally #goals. But, at the same time, it frustrates me. I wake up every day tired, have a long commute to and from my full-time job, work a different part-time job on the weekends, am trying to figure out my post-graduate studies, and no matter what I do, I feel like I do not have enough time to chase my dreams, and that makes me want to cry! I want so badly to be able to travel more, spend more time with my loved ones, be in great shape, get proper amounts of sleep, have an amazing career. It takes so much time and I’m trying to find the work-life balance that I so desperately need.

Anyone want to be my personal assistant?! I’ll pay you in hugs and homemade lemon squares (my specialty).

What do YOU do to keep yourself sane? Let me know what you think!




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