Happy November, everyone!

We are now officially in the season of hot cider, cozy fires, football games, heated blankets and lots of food – wahoo!

Between work and school, it’s sometimes hard to take time out to do something festive for yourself. I put together a list of things you could try out this Fall:

  1. Carve pumpkins (who cares if Halloween is over?!)
  2. Go apple picking and make homemade applesauce
  3. Get lost in a corn maze
  4. Make a bonfire in your backyard (someone bring the s’mores!)
  5. Take a drive in the country
  6. Get a facial and prep your skin for cold weather
  7. Watch football with your family and friends
  8. Make a pinecone bird feeder
  9. Start a diary
  10. Eat a candy apple
  11. Try out different chill recipes
  12. Host a potluck Thanksgiving dinner
  13. Learn to knit
  14. Spend a day antiquing
  15. Remember what you’re thankful for

Let me know if you try any of these activities – I certainly will be doing a lot of them!

xx Devon




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