High School



I was at Starbucks the other day when I ran into one of my good friends from high school. We both haven’t been to the store and it was a coincidence we both happened to be there on a random Tuesday at two o’clock in the afternoon. We were chatting, having a grand old time, talking about our lives, and THEN (dun dun dun), in walks another girl from my high school, except she was always one of the “popular” girls, someone I would never usually talk to, someone who all the boys liked, someone who always wore the best clothes.

It was weird to think that here we are, five years later, all sitting in the same coffee shop working on taxes, paying the bills, or simply enjoying a good cup of joe. We were no longer separate in hierarchal terms, or divided by cliques – we were simply one. One group of people. One Starbucks. One cup of coffee. (Okay, fine. Two).

I wish high school students would realize it sooner that we are all human, and one day, when high school is over, we are all thrown into this big and scary world together. We don’t have our popularity, our cliques, or our straight A’s to hide behind. We have to face the world, and pray for the best. No matter where you are in life, you cannot get caught up in comparing yourself to another person. We are all on equal terms, striving for the same thing – a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. The only person you should compare yourself to, is YOU. Be a better you than the day before. Smile more. Help people more. Donate money to charity. Obtain all of your goals. Every day that you improve yourself, the less you will worry about other people.

Have a great day everyone!!!


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