Alopecia Areata: How to Ease the Daily Struggles


You’d think after six years I would be able to conquer each day like a champ. For the most part, I do. But, there are always those days which are a struggle to get through, days that want me to run home and hide underneath my covers. I was able to come up with a few methods that make my days easier, and I wanted to share them with my fellow Alopecians.

  1. Double-Sided Tape is Your Best Friend

Whether you wear a wig or extensions, it is always important to have extra tape with you at all times. You can buy actual wig tape to hold down your wig, or you can cheat and buy double-sided tape from your local grocery store. This stuff rocks! You never have to worry about slippage in the wind, or a side that keeps sliding up. Simply put on your wig cap, put a few pieces of tape across your forehead and next to your ears. Then, put on your wig and press around the edges! Easy! If throughout the day you feel as if it is shifting a bit, you can simply add another piece

  1. Invest in Good Quality Hair Pieces

It may be tempting to want to spend $30 instead of $200 on a wig, but trust me, its’s better to buy a really good wig that will last a long time, then going through a $30 wig every couple weeks. If you wear a wig every single day, no matter what you do, they will wear out pretty quickly. Anything from seatbelts, to wind, to jackets can turn your hair piece from smooth and silky to knotty and full of tangles.

  1. Sleep Time

Please please please don’t wear your wig at night, or hair extensions! Take them off and give your head a break from everything. Also, invest in a silk pillow case. It is a lot easier on your hair than a regular cotton pillow case, and you will have less hair breakage during the night.

  1. Showers Are Scary

When I was first diagnosed, I HATED taking showers. It always seems that when you take a shower or bath, so much hair falls out. It gets all over the floor and it is horrifying to see clumps of your hair all over the place. No matter what you do, know that the hair was going to fall out either way (I know, it sucks) and that washing your hair is a good thing. Cleaning away dead skin is important, as well as maintaining the health of your remaining hair.

  1. Find Someone You Can Confide In

It is important to have someone you can lean on throughout this whole process. Someone who can tell you if your hair is messed up, to hold you hand during injections, and go wig shopping with you. There are also a lot of Alopecia support groups online if you need support from someone else with the disease!

Hope these tips help you!

– Devon xx


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