Low Expectations

NSBAAHMI38Sometimes life can be extremely conflicting – days can be good, or bad, or both. Sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling full of life and energy, while other days you may struggle to get out of bed. Day – to – day expectations have to be a balance, and that is something you get used to as life rolls on. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing goes as planned.

The same thing goes for dealing with Alopecia, acne, arthritis, or anything that causes you to feel out of the “normal.” You have to take each day as it is, and have low expectations. Now, I know having low expectations doesn’t really seem like the type of advice that I offer. It’s not necessarily optimistic nor full of sunshine. It’s more of a matter-of-fact thing.

Imagine you wake up on a beautiful sunny day. You are on time for work, in fact, you are 10 minutes early. You get your work done on time, there isn’t any traffic on the way home, and you come home to your favorite meal. Sounds perfect right?

Then, the next day, you get up after a horrible night sleep, forget your wallet at home, come in 15 minutes late to work, where you end up spending the entire day on the phone with angry customers. Most likely you will go home grumpy, swearing you hate your life, forgetting how wonderful the day before was.

What I’m saying is, you have to look at your blessings as a whole, don’t base them off of one day or one experience. Have low expectations, don’t start your day automatically assuming it will go good or bad based on how it started. Tell yourself that with each day comes a blank canvas, you can paint it however you want.



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