You Deserve Better


Guest Writer: Jenna Eileen

You deserve better.

You deserve better than someone who tells you what to eat, how to dress, and what to believe.

You deserve someone who loves you for who you are and is content if you stayed the exact same person from today to forever.

You don’t deserve to be lied to. And you don’t deserve the burden of having to lie to someone to keep them happy with you.

God gave you a voice and a heart and a soul. You deserve to be able to use those without worry of what they’re going to think or say or react. You deserve someone who you can trust with anything and everything 100% of the time. Someone who is open and honest and trustworthy of any thought that crosses your mind. You deserve someone you feel safe with, always. Even in their darkest moment, or worst second of anger, you’re still safe with. Your physical, emotional, mental well-being safe. No exceptions. You deserve to feel safe and BE safe.

You deserve someone who builds you up even with their criticism. You deserve to not have to wonder which side of them you’ll be dealing with at the start of a day.

You deserve someone who doesn’t try to control you by manipulation, mind games, silent treatment, or playing the victim.

You deserve to be loved gently. Heart, body, and mind. Because you are precious. A gift from God. Made in God’s image and loved unconditionally by Him. You deserve to be treated like it. And to not have to question motives or second guess your instinct or reaction.

You are precious. You are loved. You are strong. And you are NOT alone.

I know you’re scared. You’ve shared your life with him for what feels like forever. You can’t imagine starting over again with someone else. Sharing your secrets and dreams and hopes and fears. The thought of it makes you sick to your stomach.

But take a step back. Deep breath. Think.

Does he make you a better person? Does he help you feel better about yourself? Does he make you uncomfortable ever? Do you ever feel unsafe around him? Does he threaten you, even in a small or nonchalant way? Does he encourage you? To help you achieve your goals?

Now think for a second – if you answered yes to some or any of these – if your friends or family treated you in such a way, would you still want them in your life? You don’t deserve or need that kind of negativity. Is it hard to let go? Absolutely. But just imagine the freedom you would feel if you didn’t have that consistent fear and anxiety of keeping him happy.

You are not alone. You will not be alone if you leave him. You are BEAUTIFUL. You’re kind. You’re super smart. You’re creative. Funny. Adorable. So fun to be around.

It’s going to be okay, I promise. You’re wonderful and you deserve the world.


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