Suburban Turban



Hello Ladies + Gents!

As you know, I am always on the lookout for Alopecia related products, as they tend to make my life ten-million times easier – no exaggeration. While on my search, I  came across this amazing company, “Suburban Turban,” where they sell scarves, turbans, and all sorts of hats for women suffering with hair loss (Alopecia, Cancer, and so on!)

Located in the UK, and as seen in VOGUE, The Times, and Guardian, the team at Suburban Turban has made having hair loss look fashionable – each time you wear one of their products, they lift your day and help you manage your hair loss while feeling both beautiful AND confident. I’m not going to lie, wearing hair pieces or extensions every day can get tiring, and wearing a scarf or hat can be so much easier.

I was able to try out the “Arabesque Chemo Scarf” (see picture below: only £15 , roughly $20 USD) and it is FAN-TA-STIC. I love the color, feel, and comfort of the scarf. I can wrap my head and not have to worry about it falling or slipping, nor do I have to worry about it being too warm on a hot day. It stays a cool temperature.

Overall, this product is awesome and I can already tell it is going to make a huge difference in my life. I love the convenience, the look, and the comfort. I feel beautiful, confident… happy.




You can check out Suburban Turban on Instagram (@suburbanturbanheadwear) and on their Website ( – and don’t forget to tell them Devon, The Love Spreader referred you!

Until next time,

Devon x


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