My Creed


Hello, everyone!

At 23 years old, I am close to the age where my great-grandmother, Helen, wrote her own creed (If you want to read hers, I have typed it up below mine.) I am currently on a flight from Philadelphia to Minneapolis, and I have been planning on writing my own version of Helen’s Creed, appropriately titled, Devon’s Creed. I have done a lot of self-reflection recently, and I think it is appropriately portrayed in my creed. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it offers you some of your own self-reflection.

Devon’s Creed (2017)

I will bring myself close to God through prayer and meditation, always remembering the gift of life I have been given, and the challenging beginning I had.

I will love myself, no matter what shape or size, wear or tear, that my body takes on over the years.

I will always pursue an education – no matter my age, I will always strive for more knowledge – whether it be through school, books, or conversation.

I will embrace my talents and skills with gratitude, being sure to integrate them daily into my life.

I will love my future husband and children with my whole-being, creating a life and home I have always dreamed of – full of comfort, flowers, chicken noodle soup and fuzzy blankets.

I am the only “me” in the world – no one can replace me – I will live life aware of that fact, aware of my uniqueness and individuality.

I will never desert my love for children and animals, and all humans for that matter, their innocence will always live in my heart.

I will always care for others as if they were my family. I will make them feel loved, comforted, and happy.

I will always better the content of my character.

I will only focus on the things that are in my control, I will not worry about the things beyond my capacity

I will be a responsible human-being. I will accept responsibility for my actions, both good and bad.

I will live life to the fullest. I will smile every day.


Helen’s Creed (1939)

I promise myself, never to be an imitation, but to adapt and seek out for myself the image of the mature woman I want to become.

I am unique, unlike any other person. Being unique, I have self-confidence. I can rise above all obstacles in my path. In accepting myself, as I am, I take full responsibilities for myself and my actions.

I blame no one for my faults, for faults are only a temporary lack of understanding myself.

I face life as a woman unafraid for I have high ideals. I am growing and learning in many ways.

There is a great beauty, unique to each age.

I plan to arrive at each age of life prepared for life as it is.

I am not afraid of growing old. I will never be old, but only older and more confident.

I appreciate myself for what I am and what I hope to be.

I have dignity without haughtiness.

I will shirk no worthwhile task.

I have many gifts. I will not waste them needlessly. I will try my best to seek them out and use them as I see best.

I will look forward always.

I may not meet with success each time, but I will stand firm for I have set goals for myself.

So I shall strive for what I believe is right and I will not fail, for I will not fail myself.

Dignity, Reserve, Intelligence.


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